Successfully Selling A Used Car

First, decide on your asking price and compare it to the Blue Book Value. You can do the comparison online at After that you may feel you need to lower or increase you asking price based on the results. Things like mileage, physical condition, luxury and safety features are all fed into the calculation. Consider all repairs and any upgrades and maintenance that you may have invested over your time of ownership. You do not want to sell yourself short for the sake of making a quick sell therefore, be thorough and keep in mind that potential buyers want the most for what they are willing to spend.

Next, get the car fully detailed in and out. This is something you can do yourself one Saturday afternoon if you like and save a few dollars or you can opt to have a detailing service do a professional cleaning job for you for around a hundred dollars. Even though it is a used car it will be that new car appeal that motivates a buyer to make their final decision. Clean carpeting, vents, scrub cloth or leather seats, all handles, knobs and streak free and finger print free windows are main focal points inside the car. You can use a little rubbing compound for minor scratches on the exterior and a headlight cleaning kit if needed. Tires are important so clean your wheels and maybe add something to make them shine. Used Automobile SaleAlso, check tire pressure and add air if needed.Take at least 12 photos of the inside and outside of your car. Try to get nice angles, a view of the trunk space, shots of the tires, and at least one under the hood photo. When doing the interior use photos that give the appearance of roominess, functionality, and safety. Depending on the size and type of vehicle you are selling you may have up to 24 photos or more in order to give the potential buyer more reason to purchase from you.

Now you are ready to advertise. Most people will choose online selling platforms such as Craigslist, Autotrader or Ebay. Some prefer to pay for ad space in small local papers. Others tend to lean toward the use of cash for cars services like Depending on where you live, some papers may get you more results than others so it wouldn’t hurt to ask around for advice. Neighboring towns may also be a great way to expose your sale to more potential buyers.

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